Mindful hub is an online community where you can find support, encouragement, and skills for living a more centered, meaningful life. Our goal is to cultivate an ever growing, changing, and interactive “hub” that will support individuals, groups, and health professionals in the quest to find well-being and contentment through mindfulness.

Mindfulness Basics

For beginners and those with “beginner’s mind.” Here you will find tips on starting your own practice at home, including posture and breathing techniques to energize or calm your nervous system. Basic information on the neuroscience of mindfulness and other meditation techniques that will build motivation for meditation.


Mindfulness resources for tweens and teens. Tips to help mentors build motivation for contemplation at the middle school and high school level. Topics for group discussions and sharing the social benefits of mindfulness.

Young Adults

This year mindful hub will have a special focus on the unique needs of millennial young adults. Check back often to view excerpts from Donna Torney’s forthcoming book, Center Points for Young Adults: Building identity, intimacy, and youthful wisdom through contemplative practices.

Parenting & Family

Articles and resources to help parents find more joy and less stress in the most important role of raising kids, plus advice on using mindfulness tools to help build resilient families.

Life Transition

Stay balanced through transitions – both joyful and stressful, cyclical or once-in-a-lifetime. A new job, retirement, a move to a new city, the end of a relationship, heading back to school, managing loss. These are times when mindfulness and other contemplative practices can be real allies.

Health Professionals

Whether you are a therapist, nurse, doctor, or body worker, nutritionist, yoga teacher or physical trainer, mindful hub is created and maintained by health professionals for health professionals. We strive to provide evidence-based information for use in practice as well as provide exercises to help prevent compassion fatigue, and care for the care-giver. Use our free work sheets to encourage patients to learn mindfulness skills. check back often for news and updates on professional trainings designed to help you implement mindfulness into your practice.

Mindful Movement

Meditation off the cushion, including yoga and other mindful movement. Find inspiration for fostering more satisfaction in every day activities, including your exercise routine.

Well Being Right Now

Quick tips to help you reduce stress and feel better in your day-to-day life: tips on applying the art and science of mindfulness while commuting to work, grocery shopping, or chauffeuring a car-load of kids.