Everyday Mindfulness Toolbox

3 Day Average for Basic Self Care

Discover the 3 pillars of well-being, right now and use the 3 Day Average system to find balance. Increasing your physical well-being by balancing your needs will improve your overall health.

Stretch Your Upper Body at Work

Spending extended periods of time at a desk and/or on a computer closes off our heart and adversely effects our attitude and physical well-being. Follow along this quick stretching exercise for positive outcomes.

Breathing Exercise to do at Your Desk

Wake up your brain and fight off the fatigue at work with this quick, guided breathing exercise. It only takes 3 minutes to find your breathe, release tension and change your energy levels.

6 Steps To Letting Go

Most people would agree that letting go of old habits, whether these habits are people, places, or things, is often necessary for living a happy life. In this video we walk you through an easy six-step mindfulness meditation you can use to cultivate a practice of letting go.

Breathe Your Way to Calm

No matter what our personal “stress style” all human bodies respond to stress in the same way. Stress sets off an alarm in the brain, sometimes called the “fight or flight response” which responds by preparing the body for defensive action.

To Pursue or not to pursue – Finding right motivation

When faced with two or more choices – two or more options for using your precious time and energy, mindful examination can help you clarify your motivation.

Whether you are thinking about taking a new job, starting or ending a relationship, embarking on a training program, or physically relocating, the following questions will help you with the decision-making process.

Easy Ways to Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Day

Mindfulness is a word that can sometimes conjure up images of challenging yoga poses, trips to far away places and silent retreats. The truth is, mindfulness is a way of being that, while rooted in the traditions of yoga and meditation, can be found in many short, highly accessible activities.

Bringing Mindfulness to Running

Mindfulness has many expressions and although you may first think of someone in seated meditation, there are many aspects of mindfulness that you can bring to your running to improve breathing, decrease the risk of injury…

Watching Your Thoughts to Manage Your Mood

Our amazing brains are wired to keep us safe from harm. However, sometimes this alarm system has a faulty switch and we receive messages from the brain and body that “trick” us into thinking