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How Can Mindfulness Promote Stronger, Less Stressed Work Teams?

How Can Mindfulness Promote Stronger, Less Stressed Work Teams?

Photo Via Annie Spratt Mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation play an important role in a variety of health settings in which stress is a problem, but can they also help work teams work together more optimally? This was the question that scientists at the University of British Columbia recently…

3 Day Average for Basic Self Care

Discover the 3 pillars of well-being, right now and use the 3 Day Average system to find balance. Increasing your physical well-being by balancing your needs will improve your overall health.

6 Steps To Letting Go

Most people would agree that letting go of old habits, whether these habits are people, places, or things, is often necessary for living a happy life. In this video we walk you through an easy six-step mindfulness meditation you can use to cultivate a practice of letting go.

A Career Guide for Your Soul

If you’re looking for a career guide for your soul, add Stephen Cope’s The Great Work of Your Life to your summer reading list.  Cope, the author of Yoga and the Quest for True Self, has distinguished himself once again with his skill of applying Eastern philosophy to the problems of…

Nature in the Digital Age

In one of my earliest memories, I am in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I have wandered away from my family’s campsite at Dolly Copp Campground.  I am five or maybe seven years of age. Some of the details are fuzzy and probably lost forever. I think I am in…

Let’s just get this over with

Let’s just get this over with

“Let’s just get this over with.”  This may be an appropriate sentiment when you are having a root canal, but did you ever notice this mindset seeping into daily life?  The self-talk may sound something like this: “I can’t wait until it’s Friday!” “Will this winter ever end?” These thoughts…


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